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With Fiji having both low levels of inflation and positive GDP growth since 2012. There has been a sharp rise in confidence of the domestic private sector and foreign investors with new bank lending for investment purposes rising consistently. Fiji is also the regions foremost trading hub with excellent shipping routes across the Pacific Islands. Fiji has $11 billion worth of road infrastructure and 1,200 bridges, 47 jetties, 5 commercial ports, 25 local and 2 international airports.

Fiji has a business friendly tax structure that supports innovation and investment with 20% corporate tax and a lower rate of 10% for companies listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange. The Fijian Government has announced a number of incentives and pro-growth policies to attract investments and encourage economic growth that is stable and sustainable. Government plans to increase per capita income by fourfold over the next 20 years.

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The Government of Samoa welcomes investment from China particularly in the areas of Tourism (Hotel and Resort Development), Fisheries (Loining and canning factories, trans-shipment facilities etc), Food Processing (Taro, Noni Juice/Fruit, Cocoa), Coconut Industries (Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil), Agriculture Farming and Aquaculture.

The Government of Samoa assist to duties and taxes. Such as Duty Exemption for Tourism Manufacturing and Aviation, Hotel Income Tax Exemptions.


Samoa Investment Guide

The Government of Cook Islands welcomes and encourages local and foreign investment with attractive Life-style in a relaxed and safe environment, developed infrastructure for business, quality housing for expatriate staff and good health and education services. There is no Foreign Exchange Controls, free to repatriate capital and profits. No Wealth Tax, Gift TaxProperty Tax, Capital Gains Tax or Death Duty Tax, with Income Tax (company) 20% for residents, 28% for non residents, 15% Value added Tax, 15% Withholding Tax – Foreign pay-outs. Cook Islands also has sophisticated telecommunication links with the rest of the world and almost daily air services to New Zealand, Australia and the USA.


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New initiatives and essential reforms have been undertaken as part of the Vanuatu Government's commitment to improving the country’s attractiveness for private investors and encourage greater investment in rural areas. Vanuatu has widespread government support for tourism development, high demand for internationally branded, upmarket accommodations, supportive business environment and a top performer in doing business rankings, continuous government improvements in tourism infrastructure and distribution systems and easy access to international points of entry.


Foreign Investment Act No. 25 of 2019

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Other Relevant Sector Policies

The government of Solomon Islands considers the private sector to be the engine for economic growth and development. The government offers incentives to new investors, including tax holidays and duty exemptions on the import of certain capital goods, and are granted at the discretion of the Minister of Finance. 

Key sectors of investment includes Tourism Development, Fishing & Fish Processing, Food & Agribusiness, Commercial Livestock Farming, Timber Processing & Manufacturing, Mineral Prospecting and extraction, Infrastructure, Transport & Telecommunication Services, etc.


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How to write a business plan

How to write a business plan

A business plan sets out your strategy for the future. It can support an application for finance or grants, or it could just be a way for you to set the path you need to take to get your small business from where it is now, to where you want it to be. Writing your plan will save you both time and effort, and possibly money

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Tourism Funding Directory

The tourism funding directory for Pacific Islanders to assist with the sourcing of funding and grants for the tourism industry.

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