COVID-19 News Updates 28.08.2020


Country CasesConfirmed Deaths
French Polynesia 447 (202 recovered) 0
Fiji 28 (20 recovered) 2
New Caledonia 23 (22 recovered) 0
Papua New Guinea 424 (232 recovered) 4
Samoa 0 0
Vanuatu 0 0
Cook Islands 0 0
Tonga 0 0
Solomon Islands 0 0
Niue 0 0
Kiribati 0 0
FSM 0 0
Palau 0 0
Tuvalu 0 0
Marshall Islands 0 0
Nauru 0 0

Note: The above data is sourced from the official website of the Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organization. It may update untimely or inconsistency with the relevant data in the article sourced from local news.


Another sharp rise in French Polynesia Covid-19 cases


According to news released by French Polynesia Government on 26 August, a total of 353 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed since August 2, 2020. Of these, 140 have been released from isolation and considered cured. Since the beginning of the epidemic, French Polynesia has confirmed a total of 415 cases . (As of the publication of this article on 28 August, the total number of confirmed cases announced on the official website of the Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organization is 447.)

The other cases confirmed during the last 10 days are all isolated at home or in a dedicated accommodation center (36 people).

Nine people are currently hospitalized at the CHPF for signs of Covid-19, including 3 in intensive care.

The cases are located in the urban communes of Tahiti. Three linked cases are isolated in Raiatea. A new case has been declared in Moorea.

The sharp rise in confirmed cases last week prompted the authorities to raise the alert level on Friday. Several schools in Tahiti remain closed this week. However, French Polynesia’s health minister Jacques Raynal says despite a worsening Covid-19 situation a state of emergency and a lockdown are not being considered.

SOURCE: French Polynesia Presidence

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24 August: A total of 372 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed with 181 recovered since the beginning of the epidemic.

French Polynesia again rules out lockdown as Covid-19 numbers surge


Fiji records second COVID-19-related death


According to news released by FBC NEWS on 25 August, Fiji has recorded its second COVID-19-related death - a 61-year-old man who arrived on a repatriation flight from Sacramento in the United States on the 6th of this month. He had been in border quarantine where he tested positive for COVID-19.

This is the second individual to die from complications caused by the Coronavirus.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr James Fong says it has been 129 days since Fiji last recorded a community COVID-19 case.




NCD reported one more new case brings the total number of cases in PNG to 424


According to media release of PNG Government on 28 August, the National Capital District reported one more new case of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the last 24 hours. This brings the total number of cases in NCD to 262 and 424 for the country with the death toll remaining at 4.

Controller of the National Pandemic Response Mr David Manning said this case is among 1,887 samples that were collected in NCD between 31 July to August 26.

Out of the 27 health facilities and sitesRita Flynn Isolation Facility has 3 inpatients currently: 1 mild and 2 moderate, while 3 got dischargedPort Moresby General Hospital currently has 6 inpatients; 3 mild, 2 moderate and 1 severe. There was also one discharged.

PNG has to-date tested a total of 15,592 people for COVID-19 since the outbreak began. Of this figure, 13,386 have tested negative and 424 tested positive. The number of tests pending laboratory results stand at 1,686. Of the 22 provinces in the country, 11 have reported cases.

Furthermore, the majority of the cases which is 61 % are from NCD, 34 % are from Western Province and the remaining 5 % are from 9 provinces.

A community comprising of almost 3,000 people living at 2 Mile in the National Capital District (NCD) took it upon themselves to protect themselves from COVID-19. They built a fence around their community and controlled the movement of people going into and out of their area. They also provided water and hand sanitisers for members of their community to use.

Controller of the National Pandemic Response David Manning upon hearing of their actions today donated 20,000 face masks and 250 x 500ml hand sanitisers to the community.

Papua New Guinea PrIme Minister James Marape has assured the nation on 27 August that there will be no more Covid-19 lockdowns and people should learn to live with the pandemic.

“As we go through this year and next year, we have to adjust to the new normal until such time a cure for the Covid-19 is found, because the Covid-19 not only affects us health–wise but also economically. That is why we will not have another lockdown. We must adjust to living with the Covid-19.” he said.

In the past week:

  • 5 new coronavirus cases on 27 August bringing the total number of infections to 423.

  • 18 new coronavirus cases on 25 August bringing the total number of infections to 419.

  • 3 new coronavirus cases on 23 August bringing the total number of infections to 401, all from the National Capital District.

  • 1 new coronavirus cases during 21 August from the National Capital District, bringing the total number of infections to 398.

SOURCE: PNG Government

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