COVID-19 News Updates 30.09.2020


Country CasesConfirmed Deaths
French Polynesia 1728 (1431 recovered) 7
Fiji 32 (29recovered) 2
New Caledonia 27 (26 recovered) 0
Papua New Guinea 534 (516 recovered) 7
Samoa 0 0
Vanuatu 0 0
Cook Islands 0 0
Tonga 0 0
Solomon Islands 0 0
Niue 0 0
Kiribati 0 0
FSM 0 0
Palau 0 0
Tuvalu 0 0
Marshall Islands 0 0
Nauru 0 0

Note: The above data is sourced from the official website of the Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organization. It may update untimely or inconsistency with the relevant data in the article sourced from local news.


French Polynesia Covid-19 Situation


A total of 1,666 cumulative cases ofCovid-19 have been confirmed since July 15. Of these, 1,369 were released from isolation and 290 cases are being followed up (active cases).

From July 15 to September 27, 23,290“CovCheck” self-specimens for travelers were tested by RT-PCR at ILM, of which42 were positive in total.

Among the 25 people currently hospitalized at the CHPf for COVID disease, 11 are in intensive care. 1 additional death occurred today in a 63-year-old person, previously hospitalized.

The active cases are mainly located in the urban communes of Tahiti. 27 cases are followed in Moorea, 3 in Bora Bora, 2 in Raiatea, 1 in Huahine, 1 in Rangiroa.

Source: French Polynesia Presidence


Ministry of Health took stock of covid-19 on September 28

Ministry of Health took stock of covid-19 on September 25

Ministry of Health took stock of covid-19 on September 23

Ministry of Health took stock of covid-19 on September 18


NCD records two new COVID-19 cases


According to news released by PNG Government on 28 September, two more new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the National Capital District in the last 24 hours.

The latest cases are both male, ages 23 and 34 year old respectively. The 34 year old is a taxi driver who resides at Morata two.   He got tested on   September 21 at the Taurama Aquatic drive- through and confirmed to be positive despite showing no symptoms of COVID-19 during the time of testing.

The 23 year old male, self employed who resides at Hohola 4 also got tested on September 21 at the Gerehu hospital. At the time of the testing, he was experiencing fever and headache.

The latest case shows evidence of community transmission thus prompting calls from the Controller of the National Pandemic Response, David Manning for citizens to be vigilant against the threat of Coronavirus.

The latest reported cases bring the total COVID-19 cases in PNG to 534, with seven deaths. There are 517 persons who have recovered.

To date, 13 provinces in the country have confirmed cases, To date, cases have been reported from 13 provinces in the country: NCD (318); Western Province (189); Central (7); Morobe (5); East Sepik (3); West New Britain (3); East New Britain (2); Milne Bay (2); and one case each from Southern Highlands, Eastern Highlands, West Sepik, New Ireland and Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

To date, PNG has already tested 24,613 persons for coronavirus. Of those tested, 24,079 have turned out to be negative. An additional 274 persons have been tested, pending laboratory results whilst nine active cases are currently in isolation.

In the past week:

  • 27 September: 2 new cases from NCD bringing the total number to 534. 

  • 25 September: 1 new case from NCD bringing the total number to 532. 

  • 23-24 September: 4 new cases from NCD bringing the total number to 531. 

  • 21 September: 1 new case from West New Britain bringing the total number to 527. 

  • 19-20 September: 10 new cases from NCD and 1 death, bringing the total confirmed cases to 526, total deaths to 7.

Source: PNG Government


23 September: NCD records three new COVID-19 cases


20 September: PNG records nine new COVID-19 cases

PNG records another COVID-19 death



More workers in Fiji to lose jobs due to COVID-19: survey


Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FEF) said in the latest survey on 24 September that 41 percent of its members are at risk of a complete shutdown that may trigger job losses for over 3,000 workers in the fallout of COVID-19.

FEF Executive Officer Victoria Yee said that 271 registered enterprises participated in the survey which indicates that 54 percent are operating normally whereas 5 percent have shut-down.

The findings showed that businesses which are severely impacted are hotels, manufacturing and wholesale and retail sectors.

"We are also informed of how their supply chains have been affected in terms of the costs of doing business going up. Particularly sectors which import 95 percent their raw materials, some of them have local options. So it varies, but some sectors have been hit hard and continue to be hit hard," Yee said.

The findings have prompted FEF to assist with the Business Continuity Plan which comes in handy in these trying times.

Yee said that 41 percent of medium enterprises were able to diversify, change operational practices and respond to the current market conditions.

FEF is continuing discussions on measures to cushion impacts of the pandemic to large-scale businesses to help return to normalcy in the next six to 12 months. 

Source: Xinhua


We are ready for our students' arrival: PM


According to news released by Solomon Star on 23 September, Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said ‘we are prepared’ for the arrival of our students from the Philippines.

The Prime Minister said the three repatriation flights are on schedule.

The first flight is scheduled for this Sunday 27th September whilst the second flight will be on Tuesday next week 29th September. The third flight is scheduled for the 27th of October.

At the home front, the National Health Emergency Operation Centre, in consultations with the National Disaster Management Office/Camp Management is putting in place necessary measures to manage the arrival and quarantine of our students returning from the Philippines,” the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Sogavare said all quarantine stations have been assessed to ensure that they are up to the standard set out in the Infection, Prevention and Control, and Environment Health Standard.

“The National Health Emergency Operation Centre also completed a debriefing on a recent flight last week and is now focusing its efforts on further improvement of pre-arrival, arrival and post-arrival repatriation, Standard Operating Procedures,” he said.

Front liners on Monday this week had also undergone a mock exercise here in Honiara ahead of the first repatriation flight this Sunday.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sogavare said our students have been divided into three groups and their COVID-19 testing regime is scheduled in accordance with their respective flight dates.

“The Government is committed in ensuring that our students will be repatriated safely and we will do everything possible to keep our people and country safe,” he said.

The first group of students had their second tests on Sunday and the second group is scheduled to have their second tests today. All these students have tested negative in the first test.

Concerning visas, the Prime Minister said from the total number of 161 that had visa problems last week, 73 students’ had had their visas sorted out.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education are now focusing on the remaining 88 expired students’ visas.

Source: Solomon Star