PTI China is willing to spare no effort to support the Pacific Island Countries in promoting global cooperation against COVID-19, and strive for an early victory in the fight against the disease.

PTI Pacific Business Monitor

Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) is running a fortnightly survey to understand the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on the Pacific's private sector.

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Cook Islands prepares to open borders, Life returning to normal in PNG after Covid-19 state of emergency, Fiji records increase in entrepreneurial farming during COVID-19, No COVID-19 cases in Fiji for over 60 days.


French Polynesia will open borders and welcome international tourism visitors to enter and stay, New Caledonia lifted remaining Covid-19 restrictions, Half of first repatriated Solomon Islands nationals test negative, Fiji is preparing for the launch of a new mobile application to create conditions for eventually reopen the borders


Fiji cleared last COVID-19 patients, Cook Islands border begins to open, 13 orders on PNG SOE extension, The second batch of supplies from China to Fiji arrived, Fiji will support SMEs by concessional policies, Palau prepares to bring home stranded citizens


Information includes Solomon Islands nationals stranded in Fiji and Vanuatu arrive home, Fiji Airways continues freighter services and secures Government Support, $76million phase two of Cook Islands Covid-19 economic response plan, Cook Islands plans to reopen border in July.


Information includes Samoa Govt outlines coronavirus travel restrictions, Tonga extends State of Emergency to 11 June, Lockdown exercise for Solomon Islands, China donates medical supplies to Tonga, Kiribati Embassy reopened in China.


Information includes medical supplies of donated by China to Vanuatu, China donates another batch of material to PNG to help fight against COVID-19, The Vice Ministers' Special Meeting on COVID-19 Between The People's Republic of China and Pacific Island Countries was held successfully, All Covid-19 restrictions to be Lifted in outer islands of French Polynesia...

Economic Consequences of COVID-19: The outlook so far

In these extraordinary times as the loss of lives from the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continues to rise globally, the necessary measures undertaken to protect human lives and contain the further widespread of this greatest health crisis of our time, will also have a severe impact on the global economy. 

COVID-19 and its likely impact on tuna industry in Pacific

The importance of tuna in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) cannot be underestimated. Approximately 60 percent of the raw material for the global tuna canning market comes from the WCPO. There are two reasons why COVID-19’s impact on the tuna industry should be monitored.


Information includes medical supplies of donated by China to Vanuatu,Kiribati for COVID-19 Prevention and Control arrived,  all reported Covid-19 cases in PNG have tested negative again, Tonga relaxes CoViD-19 restrictions under State of Emergency...


Information includes COVID-19 medical kits donated by China have arrived in Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands Received the Final Two COVID-19 Test Results-NEGATIVE, Suva lock down lifted, Cook Islands remains COVID-19 FREE ZONE...

First Delivery of Medical Supplies to PICs has arrived in Fiji

Chinese first delivery of medical supplies supported by the Jack Ma foundation arrives through the Pacific Humanitarian Pathway on COVID-19.

Policies and Measures taken by PICs towards COVID-19

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade issued a reminder on the relevant measures taken by the Pacific island countries (regions) due to the epidemic by the date of 13 April.

COVID-19 Updates 16 Apirl

China donates medical supplies to Vanuatu, Fiji and FSM to fight against COVID-19, Nauru remains coronavirus-free, conditions to lifting of Suva lockdown

WHO: “China shows COVID-19 responses must be tailored to the local context”

As China emerges from the containment phase of the outbreak after 2 months and moves into the mitigation stage, its experience is helping countries currently at the start of the COVID-19 cycle to plan their responses better.

“Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment” shares invaluable practical advice and references with medical professionals around the world.

This handbook compares and analyzes the experience of other experts in China, gives detailed and comprehensive answers to potential questions for diagnosing and treating patients in different types, and provides a good reference to key departments.