Pacific Trade Invest China’s Blue Pacific COVID-19 community initiative is now gaining momentum as Chinese consumers and companies respond positively to the course in support of the post-epidemic recovery of small pacific communities projects affected by the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.



This week, Green Power Samoa confirmed their support to the event by purchasing Blue Pacific merchandise products to the value RMB20,000. At a brief ceremony at the PTI China office in Beijing this week, Mr. Fang, Managing Director of Green Power Samoa expressed their company’s appreciation at the opportunity to cooperate with PTI China and to recognize the importance of community initiatives in regions like the pacific that improves livelihoods impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic. Mr. Fang hopes that the establishment of their investment project in Samoa is a starting point to expanding their network across pacific business opportunities in order to increase the greater cooperation between China and Pacific.



In welcoming the Managing Director of Green Power Samoa Mr. Fang, PTI China’s Trade Commissioner Mona Mato acknowledged the generous support of the company to the initiative by purchasing the especially designed Blue Pacific merchandise products. 

‘We are very grateful for your company’s support to our pacific communities as these communities help provide onward support to many of our pacific businesses in the wake of COVID-19. We look forward to a long-term relationship as we explore opportunities through this cooperation and further on through trade, investment and tourism opportunities.’ Mr. Mato said.

In recognition of the donation from the company, Mr. Mato presented a donation certificate to Mr. Fang and expressed the gratitude to Green Power Samoa on behalf of the PTI China team.


Mona Mato, Trade Commissioner of PTI China is presenting a donation certificate to Fang Hui, Managing Director of Green Power Samoa


Mr. Fang in his closing remarks also discussed with PTI China their plans to set up a Pacific Free Trade Zone in Beijing and seeks the support of PTI China to explore the prospects of cooperation in imports, exports and investment opportunities. 

Mr. Mato responded that PTI China stands ready to support the Free Trade Zone and welcomed the opportunity as another platform for pacific products to be showcased and promoted in China.  

Mr. Mato also paid a special tribute to the Executive Director of the Research Center for Pacific Studies for Beijing Foreign Studies University Lucy Niu for the introduction to the company and acknowledged Lucy’s ongoing support of PTI China’s programmes and initiatives.  




Blue Pacific Community Charity Initiative

The community initiative is part of PTI China’s COVID-19 Economic recovery efforts to support pacific communities impacted by COVID-19 and to bring awareness to the pacific. There are a total of 6 community projects identified by the Pacific Heads of Missions where Chinese consumers and companies are given the opportunity to support a community project of their choice by purchasing Blue Pacific designer merchandise products. All proceeds will go directly towards the projects identified.  The project is a joint effort with the Pacific Missions in Beijing and was launched in early 2021.

Green Power Samoa

Green Power Samoa is a company that specializes in renewable energy investments for both household and commercial operations and construction of large-scale photovoltaic power station. With a professional team and expertise in technology, they have engaged in a number of government projects and are familiar with government's infrastructure developments pertaining to renewable energy. Greenpower had built a 2.5 Megawatts of photovoltaic grid connected power generation system at the Samoa airport in November 2014 with the completion of power generation in May 2015.