Pacific Tropical Night 2019
Pacific Tropical Night 2019

On 12 December 2019, Pacific Trade Invest China hosted 2019 Pacific Tropical Night in Beijing, inviting Mrs. Toomata Silverina, Mr.Tapusalaia Toomata, Ambassador of the Independent State of Samoa to the People’s Republic of China, Mrs. Mary Sumale, Mr. Vincent Sumale, Minister of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea to the People’s Republic of China and counsellors, diplomats and Chinese staff of Vanuatu, Fiji and Tongan embassy, as well as Pacific scholarship students came to the dinner.

--Mrs. Mary Sumale and Mr. Vincent Sumale, Ambassador of PNG, Mr. Lindsay Sabeawa, Consular, Mr. Tapusalaia Toomata, Ambassador of Samoa, Ms. Farapo Korere, First Secretary-Immigration and Consular Section of PNG--

--Mona Mato, Acting Trade Commissioner of PTI China--

The banquet was opened by Mr. Mona Mato,Acting Trade Commissioner of Pacific Trade Invest China. Mr. Mona said,"Thank you all for coming today, we appreciate your cooperation with us in developing Pacific Island countries' trade, investment and tourism in 2019. PTI China wishes you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2020."

--H.E. Mr. Tapusalaia Toomata, Ambassador of Samoa - presentation--

H.E. Tapusalaia Toomata, Ambassador of the Independent State of Samoa to the People’s Republic of China, delivered a speech on behalf of the ambassadors and staff of the Pacific Island Countries participating in the event.

--Kawa in the Pacific Tropical Night--


--Yonnina, the Pacific scholarship student representative--

Yonnina, a second-year Pacific scholarship student representative from Samoa who was studying at Beijing Language and Culture University, shared the details of her experiences when she first arrived in China. Some of those were difficulties in language and academic she encountered in China, some were anecdotes, such as using chopsticks, drinking hot water forthe first time, enjoying the fun of Chinese songs, making interesting Chinese friends. “It was a mixture of emotions and a different experience every day.”

--Pacific scholarship students--

At the same time, she was grateful to PTI Chinafor providing support her in living and studying. She believed that China has a lot of excellent knowledge and culture to share, and she hoped to bring it to the South Pacific and continuously promote and develop the Pacific Island countries.


--Dancing Lydia--

During the banquet, Lydia Dosithea TaruiSimonis, who was crowned Miss Cook Islands 2017, presented the guests with a wonderful South Pacific dance. In conjunction with the passionate sound track, Lydia's dance warmed the cold winter night in Beijing.


--Dancing Lydia in TAV--

The clothes Lydia wore for the last dance were from TAV, the high-end clothing brand from Cook Islands which combines comfort and elegance. While TAV displaying a female figure, the Pacific Island style pattern on the clothing can also make the model's temperament stand out.

--Dorothy Meredith, First Secretary of Samoa Embassy and her family--

Ms. Dorothy Meredith, First Secretary of Samoa Embassy to China, was about to resign. Dorothy’s experience in China has made her feel a lot. PTI China gave her and her family gifts and wished them all the best in their future lives.

--Mr. Yong Zhang, the general manager of Northwest Marketing Department of Auswan Creek, with four winners--

The exciting raffle draw attracted the mood of the guests again.As the sponsor of Pacific Tropical Night , Mr. Yong Zhang,the general manager of Northwest Marketing Department of Swan Wine Group, presented exquisite Auswan Creek wines as prizes to the four lucky ones.

--The prize: Auswan Creek wine--

Pacific Trade Invest China thanks Swan Wine Group, Fiji Links International Trading Co., Ltd and Shanghai Youfei International Trading Co., Ltd for sponsoring this event.

--Fiji Bitter Beer, Fiji Gold Beer, VONU Pure Lager and VaiWai Water in the Pacific Tropical Night--

--Layout and drinks--


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